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Version: 2.x


In the 2.10.0 release we refactored product configurable options and homogenized their use by creating useSelectedProductWithConfigurableOptions. This reference documentation explains how to use it.

When working with product options, we recommend to use useSelectedProductWithConfigurableOptions. It accepts multiple formats for initially selected options and returns -among other things- an options update function that automatically handles relevant image selection and auto disabling. We believe this hook will be helpful when dealing with configurable product options so here is a small rundown on it:


useSelectedProductWithConfigurableOptions takes the following inputs:

  • The product
  • The initial selected options (with one of the following formats { [optionId]: valueId } or { [attribute or label], [value or optionValue] })


useSelectedProductWithConfigurableOptions returns an Object with the following properties:

  • selectedProduct: The selected product (does not change the sku of the input product)
  • setOption: A function to set an option
  • selectedOptions: The current selected options in the format { [optionId]: valueId }
  • baseProduct: The base product (that the selected product is part of)
  • selectedSku: The sku of the selected product