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· 7 min read
Pierre Martin

A new Quick Order Page, Dynamic Routing, and Server-side Tracking

This double release brings several requested features to Front-Commerce. The most notable ones are the quick order page which allows customers to order products in bulk seamlessly, and different ways to switch to server-side tracking to cope with the decline of 3rd-party cookies.

On a more technical side, we are happy to introduce one of the last missing feature from 2.x in Front-Commerce 3.5: dynamic routing. Built on top of the Remix/React-Router routes API, Front-Commerce dynamic routing allows you to implement any URL structure you want without sacrificing performance or features.
It is unique in the Remix ecosystem, and solves several limitations that were present in the previous versions of Front-Commerce. We are excited to see what you will build with it!

As usual, these releases also include several bug fixes and improvements to the product. Let's dive in and explore what's new in Front-Commerce 3.5.

· 15 min read
Pierre Martin

Vite, Vite, Vite!

We are thrilled to announce that Front-Commerce has migrated to Vite! 🎉
Vite is a tool that helps web developers build websites and web applications faster.

Front-Commerce 3.4 takes the development experience to a whole new level. We have migrated the frontend tooling of Front-Commerce projects from the Classic Remix Compiler to Vite. In an AI-assisted development environment, having fast feedback is key to productivity. That's why bringing faster development feedback was important to us. It also means that Front-Commerce now benefits from the latest features and improvements of the Vite ecosystem.

In addition to these technical changes under the hood, we have also introduced new features and improvements to the core of Front-Commerce. We have stabilized new public core APIs for developers, added new payment modules, and enhanced the testing experience for instant feedback 🚀

This release is very dense as it spans two usual release periods. Due to the technical challenges of migrating to Vite, we needed more time to ensure a smooth transition and a great developer experience. We hope this extended delay will be worth it for you.

💌 We would like to thank our partners Adexos, PH2M, and Webqam for their valuable feedback during the beta testing phase of this Vite version. Their input has been crucial in ensuring the quality of this release.

🤓 If you haven't tried Front-Commerce 3.x yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Let's dive into the details of Front-Commerce 3.4!

· 7 min read
Pierre Martin

Introducing Event-Driven Architectural Components, Extensions Features, Public Configurations, and Automatic session commit

We are pleased to announce the release of Front-Commerce 3.3, which lays the technical foundations for exciting features to come in the future. While the full set of features will be unveiled in 3.4, this release is packed with new architectural components that enable you to develop event-based features in your applications today.

In addition to the usual bug fixes, we have enhanced the core to improve your overall experience and prevent common mistakes detected from projects already using Front-Commerce Remixed. Finally, we have introduced several smaller but convenient features listed in the "Other changes" section below.

Let's dive in and explore what's new in this Front-Commerce release.

· 7 min read
Pierre Martin

New packages, a Magic Button revamp, Attraqt recommendations and cloud improvements!

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope you had a great holiday season and are ready to start the new year with a bang.

We are excited to introduce a range of new features and enhancements to Front-Commerce's core. While we are still prioritizing core fixes and stabilization, we have also been able to ship some significant features to Front-Commerce Remixed: all Magento 1 modules, Adyen Payment, and Akamai Image Manager are now available as standalone packages under the @front-commerce/*** namespace.

We have also revamped the technical foundations of the Magic Button and introduced a new concept called server services in Front-Commerce 3.2.

The 2.x branch also received some love with the introduction of Attraqt personalized recommendations and a few bug fixes. Be sure to upgrade to Front-Commerce 2.28! As time progresses, we anticipate more projects transitioning to 3.x, and the number of new features released for both major versions will gradually decrease.

Let's dive in and explore what's new in Front-Commerce, and for Front-Commerce Cloud customers.

· 7 min read
Pierre Martin

A Blend of New Features and Core Stabilization

Black Friday is fast approaching. We understand that you've been putting a lot of effort into getting ready for the holiday season, and our support team has been there to support you every step of the way.

This release is unique as it signifies a return to our regular release schedule with both new features and bug fixes every 6 weeks. This is also the inaugural release that combines new 2.x and 3.x minor versions. Just to remind you, Front-Commerce 3.0 was a major version that introduced new technical foundations without adding new features. Now, with Front-Commerce 3.1, we're back to delivering new features for this major version.

Some of these features are also incorporated into Front-Commerce 2.27.0, facilitating quicker adoption for existing projects. As time progresses, we anticipate more projects transitioning to 3.x, and the number of new features released for both major versions will gradually decrease.

Let's dive in and explore what's new in Front-Commerce…

· 9 min read
Pierre Martin

We are excited to introduce Front-Commerce 3.0, a big leap forward in e-commerce development. With a focus on web performance, developer experience, and adherence to web standards, this release is set to redefine how you approach building your online storefronts.

Front-Commerce is a storefront for headless commerce based on the newly released Remix v2 framework. We're bringing all the goodness we developed over the past 7 years, to the Remix ecosystem.

Let's examine how we've merged both technologies to enhance the experience for end users and developers alike.

· 4 min read
Pierre Martin Support for Magento 1, Improved Redis performance, Configurable axios timeout and Payment Log Security

Summer is here, and we know that many of you are enjoying well-deserved holidays. That's why we're keeping things light and breezy with Front-Commerce 2.26, a small release packed with essential improvements to enhance your eCommerce experience.

As mentioned in our 2.25 release announcement, our focus during the next months is on remixing Front-Commerce. This means that new features will be kept to a minimum, but rest assured, we're still committed to delivering quality updates that make a difference.

Let's take a look at what's new in Front-Commerce 2.26…

· 7 min read
Pierre Martin

Introducing Magic Button, Focal Point, Enhanced ElasticSearch, and Adobe B2B Online Payments

Embrace the summer sun with Front-Commerce 2.25! We're excited to unveil several exciting updates that will brighten up your e-commerce experience.

In this release, we introduce the Magic Button™, empowering content contributors like never before. Get ready to elevate visual experiences with the new Focal Point for Images feature. Enjoy enhanced sorting and facets behaviour in ElasticSearch-driven PLPs, and simplify online payments for Negotiable quotes with Adobe B2B.

While you embrace these powerful updates, we're also dedicated to finalizing Front-Commerce Remixed, with the aim of having live projects in production by the end of the year. During the next months, we will reduce new features to their strict minimum and focus on Remixing!

☕ Let's dive into the details of Front-Commerce 2.25…

· 6 min read
Pierre Martin

Apple Pay & Google Pay support for Stripe, Akamai Image Manager and first alpha versions of Front-Commerce Remixed

Front-Commerce 2.24 is out. As usual, it contains features requested by customers and continuous improvements. The key features of this release are Akamai Image Manager and payment wallets support for our Stripe connector.

We've also been busy working on Front-Commerce Remixed, and are excited to share this progress with you!

☕ Read on to learn more about these updates and as always, should you have any requests regarding the product roadmap, do not hesitate to contact us 👋

· 6 min read
Pierre Martin

Negotiable Quotes, Attraqt Contexts, Algolia Standalone Module, and Front-Commerce Remixed

We are excited to announce the latest release of Front-Commerce which brings powerful new features designed to help you deliver a better customer experience.

With the ability to negotiate pricing and terms on a quote-by-quote basis with authorized buyers using Adobe Commerce B2B, you can now build stronger relationships with your clients and increase loyalty. Unleash the power of Attraqt Contexts to trigger more accurate merchandising rules resulting in better results for your users.

On more technical aspects, our Algolia datasource can now be used as a standalone module in any application, giving you greater flexibility and control over your data. Finally, we have started to work on Front-Commerce Remixed in our core repository, which will bring a range of exciting new features and improvements to all of you!

☕ Read on to learn more about these updates and as always, should you have any requests regarding the product roadmap, do not hesitate to contact us 👋