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Version: 3.x


Grasping all the concepts around a product such as Front-Commerce is exciting but can be intimidating. Therefore, we tried to create and organize this documentation so that you could quickly find the information you need depending on your context.


If you want to get your hands dirty you can go ahead and follow our Installation guide right now.

Welcome to Front-Commerce’s official documentation

Even though Front-Commerce is a proprietary product, we have decided to maintain our documentation in the open.

It means that you could understand how the product works and see code samples, to help you decide whether Front-Commerce is relevant for your project or not.

Getting Help

If you need help or more information about a topic, there are different ways you can get help.

First Steps

We recommend you to start with the Getting Started section. Then, depending on your context, you can browse the documentation by category:

  • Guides are step-by-step tutorials to help you achieve a specific goal with Front-Commerce, no matter your context.
  • API Reference is a complete reference of all the APIs available in Front-Commerce's core.
  • Extensions are additional features that you can leverage on top of Front-Commerce's core to adapt to your composable commerce needs. It includes our official extensions such as our default theme (Chocolatine), Magento 2, Contentful or Algolia specific documentations.
  • Concepts are articles that explain the concepts behind Front-Commerce and why we made certain choices.
  • Upgrade Guides are practical guides to help you upgrade your Front-Commerce project to a new version.


Feel free to contribute to the documentation and help us making it as good as possible. Keep Uncle Bob’s famous « Boy Scout Rule » in mind… any contributions is welcome (fixing a typo, adding troubleshooting, opening an issue to suggest new content).

Each page contains a direct "Edit on GitHub" link to allow you to quickly suggest a change or fix typo/grammar mistakes while reading it.