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Version: 2.x

Image React Component

This reference documentation contains a detailed guide on how to use the Image component

Image component

This component will automatically fetch the image through the proxy with the correct settings. Moreover, it will display a spinner while the image is loading and a fallback image if it breaks.

It will also lazyload the image. However, in some cases you might not want this to happen. For instance, you don't want this to happen on the main image of your product page. To disable lazyloading, you can use the option dangerouslyDisableLazyLoad or (even better in the following example) the priority prop

For a more data-efficient browser preload, we also recommend that you define the sizes HTML attribute for the image. A more detailed explanation about the sizes attribute and how to determine the best sizes for your image check out this srcset + sizes = AWESOME! article. The "Images size" section of media optimization explains how we added sizes attributes in our themes, and how and when you should override it. Here is an example of the sizes attribute:

alt="a suited description of the image"
sizes="(max-width: 45em) 50vw,
(max-width: 70em) 33vw,


Source (src)

The source for your image

<Image src="/my-image.jpg" format="thumbnail">

Alt (alt)

The standard HTML alt attribute

<Image src="/my-image.jpg" alt="my product" format="thumbnail">

Format (format)

Will render the image with the format specified in config/images.js

<Image src="/my-image.jpg" format="thumbnail">

Background (bg)

This will define a background color for your image (must have one of the values in the array bgColors of your preset.)

<Image src="/my-image.jpg" alt="my product" format="thumbnail" bg="FFFFFF">

Cover (cover)

The cover props allow you to generate image that take the size of the container, images larger than container will be cropped

<Image src="/my-image.jpg" format="thumbnail" cover>

Preload image (priority)

This prop will add meta to the header to allow preloading of the image (<link rel=preload>)


We recommend you for better performance to use these on images that are above the fold

<Image src="/my-image.jpg" format="thumbnail" priority>

Focal point (focalPoint)

Since version 2.25

Focal point will define a point to focus in case of image cropping, it will allow you to target and center a specific point of the image.

Coordinates must be defined in relation to the dimensions of the original image.

<Image src="/my-image.jpg" format="thumbnail" focalPoint={{x: 10, y: 10}}>