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Version: 2.x

Remote schema helpers

This page references the helpers available when creating a Remote GraphQL module.

We encourage you to learn more about Remote GraphQL modules before reading this page.


While one can create their own executors from scratch by following Creating an executor, we have created server/core/graphql/makeExecutor with sane defaults.

It will create an executor that will:

  • prepare the fetcher to query a GraphQL schema using the POST method
  • log errors coming from the remote schema using winston
  • forward the client IP to ensure better logging on the remote service

The makeExecutor takes two parameters:

  • uri (string | (graphQLExecutionInfo) => string): The URI where the Remote GraphQL schema lives. It can either be a string or a function if the URI can change based on the user's request (ex: language, store id, etc.)
  • options (object): An optional object containing the following keys:
    • fetcher optional: The fetcher used to execute the request. By default it is isomorphic-fetch
    • fetchOptionsAdapter optional ((fetchOptions) => fetchOptions): transforms the options passed to the fetcher when executing the request
    • logger optional: The logger used to display fetch warnings (DX messages meant to catch errors early). This is not likely to be used in your case. By default it's the common logger used in Front-Commerce.

The result should be used in a GraphQL module in remoteSchema.executor.