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Release: 2.17

Β· 5 min read
Josquin Fougeray

Allow your customers to return their products with RMA for Adobe Commerce, use advanced caching mechanisms for BigCommerce and facilitate your customers' next payments with Adyen!​

Aaah summer times! Sun, farniente and the end of monolithic architectures! What could be better than a nice release note to brighten up your holiday reading?

Here goes Front-Commerce 2.17 and our summer release, with many highlights:

  • We have progressively migrated our existing live websites to our cloud infrastructure, to allow you to benefit from auto-scaling (environments will automatically add resources to hold the load), better reliability and better monitoring and support
  • We have continued to enhance our BigCommerce connector with advanced caching mechanisms and new features (we presented the connector for our 2.16 release in a video demo)
  • We added new features for Adyen (register my credit card with Adyen) and Magento2 Adobe Commerce (RMA)
  • Finally, as always, we have made various patches and adjustments to allow you to have an even more efficient front-end πŸš€

Have a great summer, see you in September to chop heads! And as always, should you have any requests regarding the product roadmap, do not hesitate to contact us πŸ‘‹

Our developers doc is getting a new look!​

As you may have noticed, our developers doc has changed πŸ’…

Many of you have asked us to review the way our documentation works and we have followed your advice!

We hope you like this new version, don't hesitate to give us your feedback, it’s always very useful (my favourite feature, the light / dark mode switch in the top right corner 😍)

The main sections:

  • Docs: everything you need to play with Front-Commerce
  • Changelogs: all Front-Commerce product & tech news
  • Support: if you need help or have a question

BigCommerce: caching for more performance​

Cache management is one of Front-Commerce’s most powerful assets! Every time we work on a new connector, we need to take into account the way cache mechanisms work within the integrated solution. Thus we can deal with it to manage caching as smoothly as possible and help your website go even faster. BigCommerce is no exception and with this first work on caching, every essential item such as products, categories, lists, and variants ... will benefit!

BigCommerce: registration via email​

For this 2.17.0 release, we have also enhanced our BigCommerce connector: you can now create a BigCommerce account from Front-Commerce (the first version of the connector only supported login for an existing account)

We will accelerate the development of features for BigCommerce in our next releases, stay tuned! In the meantime, here is a short demo of this new feature:

RMA for Adobe Commerce: improve user journey by returning items​

In a user's online buying experience, it is very powerful to offer an easy returns process that allows customers and the customer service to communicate easily.

This is the principle of RMA (Return Merchandising Authorisation): the customer, after having received his products, can make a total or partial return request by indicating the reasons for the request and, depending on the acceptance or refusal of the customer service, send back to the merchant one or more products.

Thanks to the implementation of this new functionality, your Magento2 Adobe Commerce instances will be able to deliver it within Front-Commerce!

Adyen for Front-Commerce: save your credit card details​

When you make your first online payment, it can be useful to save your payment details for a future order.

This is now possible in Adyen for Front-Commerce thanks to the integration of this new feature! Want to see more? Here is the demo:

Other changes​


  • logging: add custom type to provide winston transport directly (18a37b7)
  • cache: allow passing a cacheMap to redis-dataloader (a38e5e7)
  • checkout: limit cart status to customers carts (81896bb)
  • magento2: cancel the order on PaymentRefused (600fd7c)
  • magento2: handle guest cart to order for PlaceOrderCommand (6848e4f)
  • magento2: handle PlaceOrder payment command (65f9b6c)
  • magento2: use checkout status on asyncOrder (d97511a)
  • payment: allow DomainEvents to ref by cartId (c1b0220)
  • payments: create command dispatcher for IPN notifications (d8b9135)
  • paypal: use DomainEvents properly (b00f371)
  • payzen: capture payment by IPN (edf0f5d)
  • payzen: create AsyncOrder payment workflow (11026ec)
  • payzen: finalize IPN handling (2d83039)

Bug Fixes

  • headers: configure helmet 5.x to have the same behavior as helmet 4.x (2457057)
  • lint: Fixed lint (5aee0d4)
  • prices: magento 1 product min price don't care tier prices (ce7d43f)
  • magento2: allow to return RMA items with custom attributes (a620ee1)
  • magento2: expose actual store credit in orders instead of 0 (74b8c73)
  • magento2: Fix crash when customer loader call fails (5ecf11a)
  • payzen: duplicated place order notification (e2883de)

Fixes from 2.17 have also been backported into previous minor versions. The following patch versions were released: 2.16.1, 2.15.3, 2.14.4, 2.13.7, 2.12.6, 2.11.7, and 2.9.12.

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