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Release: 2.16

· 4 min read
Josquin Fougeray

BigCommerce connector V1, TwicPics for Front-Commerce out of beta and Prismic granular cache invalidation

Heat waves and hot news at Front-Commerce 🔥

We have just entered summer with our 2.16 release and thrilling news!

🎉 The first version of our BigCommerce connector for Front-Commerce is now available! It is a huge step for us and we are glad to be able to deliver the power of this ever-growing and powerful solution through our product !

Since we’ve been taking a lot of time to work on this project, this release note will probably seem a bit shorter than usual 😇

However, we also made progress on many other aspects (detailed in this release note):

  • TwicPics connector out of beta
  • Prismic: granular cache invalidation
  • Global maintenance mode

Take some popcorn, have a seat and watch the show 🍿

[Big x Front] Commerce V1

It’s live! After several weeks of work, we are very proud to show you our first version of our BigCommerce connector: it offers everything required from catalog and product browsing, login and checkout.

During the next iteration, we will enrich the connector with new features and improvements: should you require a personalized demo, please contact us!

According to McQuivey's Forrester study, How Video Will Take Over the World, “Video is worth 1.8 million words.”: here is an overview of our demo 👀

Prismic: granular cache and invalidation (beta version)

Performance is key when working with media and CMS capabilities. When updating content and publishing a new version, Content Managers would generally want the related cache to be invalidated, and the unrelated cache to remain, so they can work on regular changes without worrying about performance issues.

For 2.16, we’ve improved the way we deal with cache invalidation in our Prismic module, always offering more performance for your website!

TwicPics for Front-Commerce out of beta and webinar

Our TwicPics integration got out of beta with Front-Commerce 2.16! You want to know more about it ? If you are reading this release note before the 5th of July, then it is your lucky day! 🍀

Indeed, we have been invited by TwicPics to talk about headless and composable commerce. This, in parallel with the development of the first version of our connector with TwicPics’ perfectly sized images and videos deliverability solution.

Click here to register

Global Maintenance Mode

With our new Global Maintenance Mode, you now have a way to set your site in and out of maintenance mode at will. Whenever you want to update your Front-Commerce (which we highly recommend 💅) or any other related system (e.g. your backend Magento/BigCommerce/Proximis…) you now have the possibility to display a proper maintenance page.

Other changes


  • dx: debug the available payment methods (25cb164)
  • graph: created fc core order type (1adba61)
  • magento2: uses SHA256 for admin OAuth encryption for 2.4.4 compat (4707b2b)
  • react: prevent client side hydration with window.__HYDRATE__ = false (d545655)

Bug Fixes

  • build: fixed build following simultaneous uncompatible merges (53620ef)
  • buybox: additionnalData casting for ReturnFromPayment workflow (64ec5d1)
  • buybox: doExpressCheckoutPayment must return an object (24c955c)
  • checkout: return only free payment method when applicable (8fc4c72)
  • dataLoader: properly handle error in makeBatchLoaderFromSingleFetch (3f15c52)
  • dependencies: directly install @types/node (894efc6)
  • e2e: M2 prices after tax change (16a14cd)
  • e2e: M2 prices after tax change (88af0e8)
  • hipay: PaymentAuthorized saved with undefined transactionReference (15981b9)
  • search: adjusted for tax for M2 native search (773473a)
  • translations (ca70d5e)
  • hipay: delay PaymentCaptured event to prevent overlapping (1718a93)
  • hipay: reference the transactionId in order history for all payments (4b768bb)
  • magento1: remove invoice schema import (980c847)
  • payline: add an additional delayed API initialization (90cb675)
  • payline: initialize the payment widget ourselves to prevent safari issues (a4b0e70)
  • payments: provide a paymentDetails loader in withPaymentApi (aef830c)
  • search: elasticsuite compatibility for version >= 2.10.6 (7436c31)

Fixes from the 2.16 version have also been backported into previous minor versions. The following patch versions were released: 2.8.12, 2.9.11, 2.10.9, 2.11.6 2.12.5 2.13.6. 2.14.3. and 2.15.2.

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