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2.16: BigCommerce connector V1, TwicPics for Front-Commerce out of beta and Prismic granular cache invalidation

Heat waves and hot news at Front-Commerce 🔥

We have just entered summer with our 2.16 release and thrilling news!

🎉 The first version of our BigCommerce connector for Front-Commerce is now available! It is a huge step for us and we are glad to be able to deliver the power of this ever-growing and powerful solution through our product !

Since we’ve been taking a lot of time to work on this project, this release note will probably seem a bit shorter than usual 😇

However, we also made progress on many other aspects (detailed in this release note):

Take some popcorn, have a seat and watch the show 🍿

2.15: Back in stock product alerts, deploy paypal for Adyen, benefit from the power of embed fields for Prismic

We’ve made a lot of progress during this release, which is quite packed! Without further delay here’s the Front-Commerce 2.15 menu 🧑‍🍳

Discover the details and demos of new features below. Should you have any requests regarding the product roadmap, do not hesitate to contact Josquin 👋

2.14: Create and sell virtual content with downloadable products, increase customer loyalty with store credits and learn a bit about stress tests with Front-Commerce!

Spring is here! With it come the sunny days and our Front-Commerce 2.14 release 🎉

Here are the highlights of the past 6 weeks at Front-Commerce:

Next week, the team will be fully reunited for our Spring session, an opportunity to spend quality time altogether, under the sun 🤞🏼 in southern France ☀️

Until then, enjoy reading, and as always, should you have any requests regarding the product roadmap, do not hesitate to contact Josquin 👋

2.13: Pushing Prismic to the next level: previews and improvements, Algolia available for Magento2 and a new PSP at hand for Front-Commerce (spoiler: it’s HiPay)

What a way to start the year! It’s when we look back at the past 6 weeks that we realize how much we can accomplish. Read on to discover version 2.13 and the Front-Commerce news.

To begin, we would like to give a warm welcome to Gaëtan 👋, who joined the team in February! We now have a team of 6 wizard developers working to help you create seamless headless experiences.

This first part of the year was also the opportunity to start laying the bricks for major projects. With the development of a new BigCommerce connector on one hand, and the acceleration of our cloud offering with the implementation of Akamai on the other. Our goal is to help you follow your site’s activity and help us follow your growth.

Concerning the release:

You’ll find all the details below 👀

Should you have any requests regarding the product roadmap, do not hesitate to contact Josquin 👋

Schedule a 30min meeting in Josquin’s agenda: coffee is on us ☕

2.12: Magento’s Page Builder out of beta, Requisition Lists and Teams management for Adobe Commerce B2B and CDN availability for all Front-Commerce Cloud projects

Happy New Year everybody! All the best for your professional and personal projects!

At Front-Commerce, we start the year by providing you with new features available in B2B for Adobe Commerce. Requisition Lists are now available, allowing you to save items in a way that is far more efficient than with wishlists, and you can now manage your teams and users using a nice drag and drop tool!

We’ve stepped up our cloud game with our brand new partner Akamai!

You’ll also discover the password strength display feature, to enhance the password experience of your user, as well as new components available for the Page Builder for Front-Commerce.

We have also included various changes and bug corrections, to always improve your Front-Commerce experience!

The beginning of 2022 will come with a lot of new things at Front-Commerce: should you have any requests regarding the product roadmap, do not hesitate to contact Josquin 👋

Schedule a 30min meeting in Josquin’s agenda: coffee is on us ☕

2.11: B2B for Adobe Commerce: new features available! Try our beta version of Magento's Page Builder for Front-Commerce

With its 2.11 release, Front-Commerce continues its exploration of the wide world of B2B commerce! You’ll now be able to deal with Company accounts and company users on Magento 2. A big step for us, knowing the ever-increasing popularity if B2B e-commerce websites.

You will also discover various changes and bug corrections, to make your Front-Commerce instances even more efficient!

During this release, we have welcomed 2 new developers, Paul and Alexandre and our first Product Manager, Josquin! Do not hesitate to contact Josquin with any requests regarding the Front-Commerce product roadmap, your feedback is precious 💎

Schedule a 30min meeting in Josquin’s agenda: coffee is on us ☕

2.10: first version of the Proximis connector, Mondial Relay & Adyen module updates, Magento 2.4.3 compatibility

The 2.10 release brings Front-Commerce to the unified commerce market. With Proximis headless capabilities, merchants can now offer a great experience to their customers no matter where they are.

We’ve improved our Front-Commerce modules offer too, with a shipping and a payment provider that solve B2C merchants needs.

In September, 3 new Front-Commerce storefronts went live with very different experiences: B2C, Omnichannel B2C and B2B! We would like to congratulate our partners PH2M and Smile for these successful launches 👏👏

Our website has a new look. We’ve simplified our message and put the focus on everyone who works with us. What do you think?

2.9: Front-Commerce payments improved, platform agnostic Adyen support and Prismic enhancements

Front-Commerce 2.9 is out! Over the past few weeks, we focused on delivering incremental improvements to existing features. Everyone on the team has also taken some time off during this period to recharge batteries.

2.8: Content-Driven Commerce with Prismic, Proximis connector in alpha and Summer backlog cleaning

Front-Commerce 2.8 is available! This new version contains advanced Prismic features for Content Driven storefronts, an alpha version of our new Proximis connector and several “Summer backlog cleaning” items (bugfixes, improvements from performance profilings, technical debt removal).

2.7: SmartForms, Prismic, Magento 2.4.2 compatibility

Front-Commerce 2.7 is available! This new version integrates practical solutions to improve your efficiency.

2.6: HTTP Caching, Store credits, Wishlist sharing and remote configurations

Front-Commerce 2.6 embraces HTTP Caching to bring your storefront performance to a whole new level.

Leverage proxy or CDN caching to get the performance of static websites with the flexibility you’d expect for a dynamic eCommerce storefront. We’re eager to see what you will do with this!

We’ve also added new features (Store credits, wishlist improvements, remote configuration), updated our dependencies and fixed several issues.

2.5: RMA feature, search datasources and shipping modules

Front-Commerce 2.5 is one of the most productive releases we had so far. Our team worked hard to improve the product and increase its flexibility:

2.4: new default theme "Chocolatine"

Front-Commerce 2.4 brings a new base theme to accelerate your time to market. It contains several accessibility improvements, and provides a better user experience out of the box.

2.3: advanced Magento 2 features, new Payment methods and performance improvements

Front-Commerce 2.3 is our first release of 2021. It contains an increased support of Magento 2 advanced features (such as more product types, guest checkout and product reviews), new Payment methods and performance improvements.

Release: Front-Commerce 2.2

Front-Commerce 2.2 has a heavy focus on Magento 1 features thanks to new clients migrating their Legacy Magento 1 shops on Front-Commerce. Read more about this version.

Release: Front-Commerce 2.1

Front-Commerce 2.1 contains new features for Magento2, Affirm and Adyen payments along with several bundle improvements for stores with many languages. Read more about this version.

Announcing Front-Commerce 2.0

Front-Commerce 2.0 has been released today. It is the result of years of development for our production proven React PWA storefront compatible with Magento 1 and Magento 2. Let’s take a look at Front-Commerce’s most popular features.

Front-Commerce 2.0 RC1: eCommerce web performance for humans

Front-Commerce 2.0.0-rc.1 has been released today. More performant and with better defaults, this version is what will make your website faster. This is why we bumped the major version.

Shutting Front-Commerce Lite down

We are shutting down Front-Commerce Lite, our open-source prototyping starter kit for React eCommerce storefronts created back in 2018.

The reason is simple: we feel that in 2020 developers are now more aware about PWA storefronts, React for SPA and headless commerce. We think that they could grasp the benefits of Front-Commerce by reading its documentation, and experiment/prototype directly with Front-Commerce itself.

If you want to build a PoC and create usable, durable storefronts that increase sales we’ve got you covered with Front-Commerce. We have everything ready to onboard new partners and build a PoC within days!

Introducing Front-Commerce CMS demos

One of the strength of Front-Commerce is that it is platform agnostic: you can virtually connect to any service and display its data directly on your shop’s front-end.

But if you are not used to these notions, it might be unclear what does this means. This is why we’ve added two new demos focused on CMS solutions: WordPress and Prismic.

Front-Commerce supports Magento1

Have you heard? We are compatible with Magento1! And that’s awesome!

This means that you can finally develop your shop at your own schedule and you no longer are forced to migrate based on Magento’s schedule. This also means that you can improve your front-end without waiting for a complex migration of your current platform. Let’s see how this is possible with Front-Commerce.

Release: 1.0.0-beta.3

Front-Commerce 1.0.0-beta.3 has been released with several improvements: better embedded payment experience, customizable WYSIWYG components, configurations override…

We also want to thank our partner PH2M for their first PRs, and Webqam and Occitech for their contributions. This release is the first one with PR merged from partners!

Two smaller bugfixes releases have been tagged since 1.0.0-beta.0 so that some projects could move forward faster, but they did not contain any significant changes.

Release: 1.0.0-beta.0

Front-Commerce 1.0.0-beta.0 has been released with several improvements: revamped elasticsearch queries, translation fallbacks, wishlist, performance…

We are getting really close to the 1.0!

Release: 1.0.0-alpha.2

Front-Commerce 1.0.0-alpha.2 has been released with several improvements: revamped cart page, remote schema stitching, sitemap generation…

Read more about what’s new in this release that makes us closer to 1.0!

To 1.0 and beyond!

Front-Commerce is here to stay. Here is what we have been up to over the past few months and what to expect from us in the near future.

Regular releases, a dedicated team, a revamped documentation, first trainings, Magento1 support, the beginning of new partnerships…

Prototype your next eCommerce application with Front-Commerce Lite

Our team is happy to announce Front-Commerce Lite, an open source boilerplate to prototype, experiment and learn the stack behind Front-Commerce. Find it on Github: front-commerce/front-commerce-lite

Our Reacticon

A few days ago we attended Reacticon, the first conference about PWA in the Magento ecosystem.

It was composed of one day of conferences and another one of code! Here are our key takeaways.

Hello world!

Today we are excited to unveil our new website:

It marks the beginning of Front-Commerce’s distribution, and is an answer to the traction we have seen over the past few weeks. This website is for developers wanting a better understanding of what Front-Commerce is, and why we made it this way.

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