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Version: 2.x

Preview Mode

Since version 2.25

Preview Mode is an integral feature of Magic Button, specifically designed to enable content creators to preview their drafts from systems supporting this feature before publishing changes.

How to activate Preview Mode

Using the Magic Button

Activate the Preview Mode directly from the Editorial Toolbox. Click on the Magic Button and select the Preview Mode option.



Alternatively, Preview Mode can be activated programmatically by leveraging the ContributionModeLoader. There are two methods for this:


The setPreviewMode method is typically used for safe activation of Preview Mode. If Contribution Mode is not enabled, Preview Mode will not be activated.

It is also possible to enable the preview mode by using the contribution.setPreviewMode mutation:

mutation EnablePreviewMode {
contribution {
setPreviewMode(enabled: true) {

You can also call this method directly from the loader:

export default {
namespace: "MyModule",
dependencies: ["Front-Commerce/Contribution-Mode"],
resolvers: {
Mutation: {
setPreviewMode: async (root, args, context) => {
return context.loaders.ContributionMode.setPreviewMode(args.enabled);


forceEnablePreviewMode is used to forcefully activate Preview Mode, irrespective of whether Contribution Mode is enabled or not. It's useful when you have custom endpoints which validate if the current user is an authorized contributor.

Typically, this method is used in custom endpoints:

import { Router } from "express";
import makeLoadersFromRequest from "server/core/graphql/makeLoadersFromRequest";

export default {
endpoint: {
path: "/my-path/preview",
router: (staticConfig) => {
const router = Router();

router.use(async (req, res, next) => {
const loaders = makeLoadersFromRequest(staticConfig, req);

// Check if preview mode is already enabled.
const isPreview = loaders.ContributionMode.preview;
if (!isPreview && req.query.secret !== "foobar") {
return res.status(403).send("Forbidden");
if (!isPreview) {

return next();

return router;

Check if Preview Mode is enabled

The preview mode is exposed in the Graph:

query {
contribution {