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Release: 2.26

· 4 min read
Pierre Martin Support for Magento 1, Improved Redis performance, Configurable axios timeout and Payment Log Security

Summer is here, and we know that many of you are enjoying well-deserved holidays. That's why we're keeping things light and breezy with Front-Commerce 2.26, a small release packed with essential improvements to enhance your eCommerce experience.

As mentioned in our 2.25 release announcement, our focus during the next months is on remixing Front-Commerce. This means that new features will be kept to a minimum, but rest assured, we're still committed to delivering quality updates that make a difference.

Let's take a look at what's new in Front-Commerce 2.26… Support for Magento 1

Front-Commerce 2.26 now supports Magento 1's native payment method for headless payments. This integration allows for seamless and secure payment processing through the payment gateway within the usual Front-Commerce checkout flow.

Read more about this integration on our documentation page.

Improved Redis performance: Preventing Heavy Cache Invalidations from Impacting Normal Operations

In this release, we've introduced a performance improvement to prevent heavy cache invalidations from impacting normal operations. This performance patch is also available in patch releases for every supported version!

We noticed instances of slowness on some projects heavily using Redis (70+ calls per page) when cache invalidations were performed intensively (1700 simultaneous SCAN operations on 3 million keys). Despite having a fully scalable and responsive Redis setup, the bottleneck was the Redis client instance shared between the invalidation mechanism and the DataLoader.

To overcome this challenge, we've implemented a solution that exposes a different Redis client to the application than the one used in the DataLoader. This ensures that heavy cache invalidations no longer impact the overall performance of your Front-Commerce application.

We've thoroughly tested this solution and beta tested it in production on an impacted project. We're confident that it will benefit every project and encourage you to give it a try, by updating to the latest patch version of your currently used Front-Commerce version.

Configurable axios timeout

In this release, we've added an often requested feature: configurable axios timeout. With Front-Commerce 2.26, you now have the ability to set custom timeout values for axios requests for each specific services.

This empowers you to optimize the reliability of your application, ensuring a smooth and responsive experience for your users, or dealing with slower staging websites.

Read our migration guide for details about the new environment variables available.

Enhanced Payment Log Security: Redacting Sensitive Information

At Front-Commerce, we prioritize the security of your eCommerce platform. In Front-Commerce 2.26, we've introduced a new feature that automatically redacts sensitive information from payment logs, providing an extra layer of protection for your customers' data.

We want to assure you that we haven't encountered any instances of existing modules logging sensitive information. However, we believe in being proactive when it comes to security. By implementing this feature, we ensure that your customers' payment or personal data remains safeguarded, even in the rare event of a payment module inadvertently logging sensitive information.

Other changes

Performance Improvements

  • redis: we've increased the SCAN COUNT iterations number during cache invalidation from 100 to 1000 and made it configurable using invalidationScanIterationSize (see Merge Request for details)


  • magento1: it is now possible to use the PerMagentoCustomerTaxZone caching strategy to cache prices per tax zone (similar to how it works for Magento 2)
  • magento1: the payment payload is now propagated to /place-order API calls so payment methods can use it also in the related Magento observers
  • magento2: it is now possible to use a temporary address during checkout. This address won't be saved to the customer's address book

Bug Fixes

  • external-login: we've fixed the external login endpoints to also support POST HTTP verb for callbacks called by 3rd-party services (e.g: Apple)
  • analytics: we've fixed an issue preventing to track page after consent change for plugins with needConsent: true
  • images: we've fixed an issue where images containing /./ in their path would not load properly client side in the <Image> component
  • negotiable-quote: we've fixed the magento2 schema to use the correct country code field name
  • requisition-list: our code now uses a correct uid compatible with latest magento requisition list module versions (see the migration guide dedicated section for details)

Fixes from 2.26 have also been backported into previous minor versions. The following patch versions were released: 2.25.2, 2.24.4, 2.23.5, 2.22.7, 2.21.7, 2.20.9, 2.19.15, and 2.18.13.

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