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Release: 2.22

· 3 min read
Pierre Martin

Adyen Payment for Google and Apple Pay, Attraqt's Experience Orchestrator, and a Sneak Peek at upcoming DX improvements

We are excited to share the latest updates on Front-Commerce, including new payment options with Adyen, enhanced merchandizing analysis with Attraqt's Experience Orchestrator extension, and a sneak peek into our upcoming DX.

This release also contains performance improvements and bug fixes. Keep reading for more details. 😊

Adyen payment now supports Google and Apple Pay

We have added support for Google Pay and Apple Pay to our Adyen integrations, making it easier for customers to make purchases on our platform.

Those were the last 2 payment methods we didn’t support. We’ve updated our documentation to list the main payment providers supported and tested, and are confident that any Adyen payment method is now supported by Front-Commerce.

Attraqt Experience Orchestrator

Merchants can now analyze their recommendation strategies right from their website with Attraqt's Experience Orchestrator (XO) extension.


By using primitives included in our Attraqt module, developers can ensure that the application matches the requirements for exposing the merchandizing rules and algorithms. This extension, improves the experience for common tasks such as updating a recommendation strategy or troubleshooting parameters to Attraqt’s API.

We’ve continued working on something…

As teased in our previous changelog entry, we’ve been busy working on something new. In 2023, Front-Commerce aims at providing a top-level DX.

Future releases will contain several improvements that developers have been asking for, for months! Be prepared for what’s next. Here is another screenshot containing some more clues 🕵 (Work In Progress). Stay tuned for more details over the next weeks!


Other changes

Bug Fixes

  • magento2: we fixed race conditions to prevent incorrect order state upon concurrent payment status updates
  • categories: we fixed possible SSR errors which could be caused when an incorrect sort parameter was used
  • payzen: we removed an incorrect CSS rule (property name) from the stylesheet
  • the <ScrollTopOnUpdate /> component now use setTimeout to prevent race conditions with asynchronous calls
  • stock: we now properly log a warning using FC’s logging mechanism when the stock provided by Magento is null
  • theme-chocolatine: the Wishlist header icon now uses a correct label
  • wysiwyg: WYSIWYG’s Link component now properly receives its className prop

Performance Improvements

  • cache: video files served from public now have cache-control headers similar to images

Fixes from 2.22 have also been backported into previous minor versions. The following patch versions were released: 2.21.1, 2.20.3, 2.19.9, 2.18.7, 2.17.8, 2.16.9, 2.15.10, and 2.14.10.

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