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Announcing Front-Commerce 2.0

· 5 min read

Front-Commerce 2.0 has been released today. It is the result of years of development for our production proven React

PWA storefront compatible with Magento 1 and Magento 2. Let's take a look at Front-Commerce's most popular features.

Start quickly and iterate

Merchants want better conversion rates on mobile. Front-Commerce is an ally to achieve this goal in a timely fashion and reduce their

TCO. It brings the best practices and technologies so teams can build a great shopping experience in weeks.

Start with our skeleton, configure it to connect to your backend (requires installing an extension for Magento platforms) and you have a fully-functional application in minutes. This starter is similar to our online demonstrations. You can then iterate from it!

  • convince your boss or a potential customer by building aPoC in 1-day: [customize design tokens](/docs/essentials/adapt-theme-to-your-brand), override some key components…
  • leverage theme overrides to share components and themes across stores or for seasonal branding
  • with GraphQL modules, combine GraphQL services and extend the default schema to match your unique business domain
  • deploy often (continuously?) your frontend without any impact on your backend

This is how Front-Commerce allows merchants to go live in weeks, not months or years!

SEO and tracking by default

Front-Commerce leverages Server Side Rendering (SSR) to ensure an optimal crawling by search engines. It supports redirections (including Magento URL rewrites), sitemap generation and a base theme with many metadata built-in.

Manage many trackings with ease thanks to Front-Commerce's helpers. With extensive events and page trackings in the base theme, you'll be able to track everything you want!

Supporting WYSIWYG and Page builders without sacrificing performance

Build valuable, engaging and well-structured content that combines data from different sources with ease. It usually is a pain point of most PWA storefronts, that's why we've improved Front-Commerce over the years.

Front-Commerce 2.0 introduce an overhauled set of features to display WYSIWYG content in a performant way.

Going global: multi-store and internationalization

Front-Commerce support multi-store, multi-currencies environments and allows to have distinct brands easily.

Our base theme is fully internationalized and ready to support your growth all around the world. With full coverage for english and french, we provide tools that allows to build and maintain translations at scale. Our customers in production are already running stores in many different languages.


Embracing a headless architecture comes with several problems to solve in order before getting the benefits. Performance, caching and invalidation is one of the biggest challenge!

Hopefully, Front-Commerce brings 4 years of iterative improvements to the table. Our GraphQL server advanced helpers and tools to help you keep the performance we provide in the core.

Proven payment integrations

Payments are a sensitive part of any eCommerce store. Front-Commerce supports payment providers out of the box, to ensure that Customers will have a perfect payment journey.

There are different ways to integrate payments in your Front-Commerce checkout. It gives you some freedom to work with eCommerce platforms existing payment modules or going agnostic with Front-Commerce Payments. Extensibility is also at the core of payment integrations, so you can customize how payments are done or implement your own payment provider.

Platform agnostic

Magento 1 and Magento 2 stores have been running in production for years. Our GraphQL server allows you to keep the same frontend and enables progressive migrations use cases.

Front-Commerce support multi-store setups and can even allow merchants to use different backends for each one of them. Our Prismic and Wordpress integrations allows merchants to use modern CMS for their content.

We started supporting other platforms, and projects will go live in 2021 using them. Your feedback is important to us:

Batteries included

Front-Commerce stores are running in production since 2018. We've refined every aspect that you'd expect from an application to make operations seamless and reduce friction with low-level implementation details.

Spend time on things that matter and leverage Front-Commerce for the rest. Here are some of the things you'll don't have to design or maintain:

  • simple yet efficient routing inspired by the best open-source solutions out there
  • smart predictive prefetching for a great perceived performance
  • performant and responsive images with modern formats
  • unified configurations with modular configuration providers: a better developer experience and unlimited advanced patterns
  • develop in Storybook with a sane set of defaults (including regression testing with Storyshots) to customize Front-Commerce's base theme easily and be productive.
  • a friendly human team you can rely on! We care about your project and act as partners of your project. Get support from the makers of Front-Commerce, and direct access to the core team for professional services (training, audit…) to secure your project and learn from experts.

… oh and also: we take care of keeping libraries up-to-date and ensuring they are compatible together (in a backward-compatible way). Follow our migration guides and keep your sanity! That was what Front-Commerce 2.0 was about too.

We cannot list everything here but would be glad to answer your questions.

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