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This guide contains several tips and tricks for advanced usage of the Magento 2 integration in a Front-Commerce project.

In this section, you will learn some advanced usages of the Magento 2 integration.

Additional headers in Magento API calls

Since version 2.7.0

Front-Commerce allows you to send additional headers in all API calls. To do so, you must define the magento.api.extraHeaders (for storefront API) and/or magento.api.extraAdminHeaders (for admin API) configuration values from a configuration provider.

These additional headers could be useful if you want to add additional context to your queries, depending on the request or to detect Front-Commerce requests from your Magento server.

Clearing Front-Commerce cache

There are two ways to clear the magento cache:

  1. Run the below command from the command line on the magento server:

    bin/magento cache:clean -- front-commerce
  2. From the admin interface go to System > Cache Management then select Front-Commerce, make sure that refresh is selected and then click the Submit button. (see below screenshot for more details).

Clear front commerce cache