In the 2.10.0 release we refactored product configurable options and homogeneized their use by creating useSelectedProductWithConfigurableOptions.

useSelectedProductWithConfigurableOptions accepts multiple formats for initial selected options and returns -among other things- an options update function that automatically handles relevant images selection and auto disabling. We believe this hook will be helpful when dealing with configurable product options so here is a small rundown on of it:


useSelectedProductWithConfigurableOptions takes the following inputs:

  • The product
  • The initial selected options (with one of the following formats { [optionId]: valueId } or { [attribute or label], [value or optionValue] })


useSelectedProductWithConfigurableOptions returns an Object with the following properties:

  • selectedProduct: The selected product (does not change the sku of the input product)
  • setOption: A function to set an option
  • selectedOptions: The current selected options in the format { [optionId]: valueId }
  • baseProduct: The base product (that the selected product is part of)
  • selectedSku: The sku of the selected product
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