Magento2 B2B features

Since version 2.11.0

Front-Commerce supports several Magento2 B2B features:

  • Display details of the Company a customer belongs to
  • Company users handling (list, create, modify and deactivate company users)
  • Payment on account payment method
  • Display company credit history
  • Requisition list
Those features are only available with Adobe Commerce and its B2B module and requires at least Adobe Commerce 2.4.3.

Enable B2B support


On Magento2 side, you need to install the Front-Commerce Magento2 Commerce module.

Front-Commerce configuration

To leverage those features, you need to enable and integrate the Magento2 B2B module. Here is how to do it:

  1. You need to enable the module in your .front-commerce.js:
diff --git a/.front-commerce.js b/.front-commerce.js
index d607e0c..93ae34d 100644
--- a/.front-commerce.js
+++ b/.front-commerce.js
@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ module.exports = {
 url: "http://localhost:4000",
 modules: [
+    "./node_modules/front-commerce/modules/front-commerce-b2b",
@@ -13,10 +14,16 @@ module.exports = {
     path: "datasource-elasticsearch/server/modules/magento2-elasticsearch",
   { name: "Magento2", path: "server/modules/magento2" },
+    { name: "Magento2B2B", path: "front-commerce-b2b/server/modules/magento2" },
 webModules: [
   { name: "FrontCommerce", path: "front-commerce/src/web" },
   { name: "ThemeChocolatine", path: "front-commerce/theme-chocolatine/web" },
+    {
+      name: "FrontCommerceB2B",
+      path: "front-commerce/modules/front-commerce-b2b/web",
+    },
   { name: "Skeleton", path: "./src/web" },
  1. The web module provides a SCSS file that needs to be imported. To do that, you can create an override of main.scss containing the following code:
// src/web/theme/main.scss
@import "~front-commerce/theme-chocolatine/web/theme/main";
if you use the default theme as a base theme, you should use:
@import "~front-commerce/src/web/theme/main.scss";
@import "~theme/b2b";

And that’s it. After having restarted Front-Commerce, the B2B module should be enabled and integrated into your project. If you login as a company user and then go to the user account dashboard, you should see new B2B specific menu entries (company management, credit history…).

To enable Payment on account payment method, please refer to the Payment on account guide.

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