Front-Commerce folder structure

This documentation is a quick overview of Front-Commerce’s folder structure.

├── config/
├── server/
|   ├── express/
|   └── modules/
└── web/
    └── theme/
        ├── components/
        |   ├── atoms/
        |   ├── molecules/
        |   ├── organisms/
        |   └── templates/
        ├── modules/
        └── pages/


It contains all the files that allow you to configure the behavior of Front-Commerce.

See more details within the Reference documentation.


The server contains… the server code! There are two parts:

  • express/: the node server definition that serves the responses to client requests. This includes Server Side Rendering, GraphQL endpoint, image proxy, session handlers, etc. (see Add custom endpoints to your server)
  • modules/: the modules that compose your GraphQL schema. This includes type definitions, resolvers, etc. (see Extend the GraphQL Schema)


It contains the client part of the application. As a developer that uses Front-Commerce, only one folder is interesting inside of src/web/. It is the theme folder which defines what your site will look like. This folder is composed of three subfolders:

  • components/: contains all the code that defines the look & feel of your site. It follows the Atomic Design principles. (see Create a UI Component)
  • modules/: contains all your components that are not related to the style of your application. (see Create a Business Component)
  • pages/: contains all the root components of your application that are mapped to a URL. (see Add a new page)

In order to learn more about it, please refer to React components structure.

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