Release process

Front-Commerce is built around the motto “Make it work, then make it better”. This means that it is possible today to develop and deploy your website to production.

Our mission of making your life easier, and your customers happier is an ongoing process. Front-Commerce will thus regularly evolve. Our main strength is our flexibility. We do take into account our clients needs and adapt our Roadmap to match theirs. If you have any particular needs, feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do to help you :)

This page explains our release philosophy.

Semantic Versioning

We aim at releasing often and follow Semantic Versioning to clearly communicate our advancements to developers. We plan to document each migration process (changelog, release notes and documentation updates) and add deprecation warnings while keeping backwards compatibility to keep upgrades as seamless as possible.

Each minor release will contain at least one rc version, so early adopters could give it a try and provide us feedbacks as soon as possible.

It is up to each team / project to decide wether they prefer to follow our incremental releases or update in bigger chunks.

With close partners, we found agreements to migrate some projects as soon as a new Front-Commerce rc version is released so we could ensure in real-world scenarii that we are providing a seamless migration path and detect potential issues.

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