Configure multiple stores

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A store in Front-Commerce has the same meaning as in Magento. Usually, the goal of a store is to display your catalog in multiple languages. If you want to adapt the prices depending on your language, you’d rather use the websites feature.

A same instance of Front-Commerce can handle several stores at the same time. This is configurable in my-module/config/stores.js.

However, if you need multiple websites, you will need to deploy as many Front-Commerce instances as there are websites. Feel free to contact us if you need more informations about this.

How to define the different stores

The configuration file will look like this:

module.exports = {
  // the key is the code of your store
  default_en: {
    // language used in the store (useful for react-intl)
    locale: "en-GB",
    // currency code ISO 4217
    currency: "EUR",
    // country code ISO 3166-1 (used for preselecting the country in an address input for instance
    default_country_id: "FR",
    // data to load for this language
    localeData: require("react-intl/locale-data/en"),
    countries: IsoCountries =>
  default_fr: {
    locale: "fr-FR",
    currency: "EUR",
    default_country_id: "FR",
    localeData: require("react-intl/locale-data/fr"),
    countries: IsoCountries =>

Its main goal is to tell your application how to fetch the correct translations and languages.

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