Serving assets from a CDN/custom domain

This feature has been added in version 2.7.0


Serving assets from a custom domain can be done with a configuration change:

  1. for each store in config/stores, you can add a assetsBaseUrl entry so that static assets and images are served from it. For instance:
module.exports = {
  default: {
    url: process.env.FRONT_COMMERCE_URL,
    assetsBaseUrl: "",
    locale: "en-US",
    currency: "EUR",
    default_country_id: "GB",
    countries: (IsoCountries) =>

In a multiple store setup, it’s possible to use the same assetsBaseUrl for all stores.

  1. Configure the Content Security Policy so that assets can be loaded from this external URL

After restarting Front-Commerce, your assets should be loaded from this custom domain.

The assetsBaseUrl configuration only effects your production environment. In the development environment, your assets will still be served from the root of your application.
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