Payment on account

Payment on account is a payment method for B2B contexts. It allows companies to make place orders using the credit limit that is specified in their profile.

Magento2 B2B

Since version 2.11.0

Enable Payment on account

This feature is directly provided by Adobe Commerce. Please refer to the corresponding documentation page to properly configure it on Magento side.

Enable the B2B module

First, you need to enable and integrate the Front-Commerce B2B module for Magento2.

Register the Payment on account payment component

  1. Override the file that lets you register additional payments components in Front-Commerce
mkdir -p my-module/web/theme/modules/Checkout/Payment/AdditionalPaymentInformation/
cp -u node_modules/front-commerce/src/web/theme/modules/Checkout/Payment/AdditionalPaymentInformation/getAdditionalDataComponent.js my-module/web/theme/modules/Checkout/Payment/AdditionalPaymentInformation/getAdditionalDataComponent.js
  1. Register the component PaymentOnAccount to be used for companycredit payments in getAdditionalDataComponent.js
+import PaymentOnAccount from "theme/modules/Checkout/Payment/AdditionalPaymentInformation/PaymentOnAccount";

const ComponentMap = {
+  companycredit: PaymentOnAccount,

And that’s it. After having restarted Front-Commerce, a company customer having Payment on account enabled should be able to use this payment method.

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