Monext Online integration

This page contains information about the different ways you can accept payments with Monext Online (Payline) in your Front-Commerce application.

Magento1 module

This feature has been added in versions: Front-Commerce 2.5.0
Note This integration is aimed at being transparent for administrators and developers. That is why we haven’t duplicated documentation from existing Magento resources. Please contact us if you need further assistance.

Front-Commerce for Magento 1 requires a FrontCommerce_Payline module that turns the Monext Payline official Magento 1 extension into a headless payment method for Front-Commerce. It is aimed at being transparent for Magento administrators and developers while allowing for a better Customer experience in a Front-Commerce application.

This integration is slightly different from traditional Magento1 headless payments in that sense that it contains a “companion component” in Front-Commerce. The component allows to get payment information from the checkout page. No redirection to Payline is involved (except for 3DS or PayPal authentication), the Customer remains on the Front-Commerce store.

Here is how to set this payment method up.

Install and configure the Monext_Payline Magento1 extension

Follow Monext Payline’s documentation to install and configure the official Magento1 extension. You should configure it in a standard fashion.

Install the FrontCommerce_Payline Magento1 extension

Turn Monext Online (Payline) into a headless payment method by installing Front-Commerce’s FrontCommerce_Payline module. No configuration is needed.

composer require front-commerce/magento1-module-payline
Note If your project does not use composer, you can also use modman or download the latest module version and copy files in your project.

Register the Payline for Magento 1 payment module in Front-Commerce

In your Front-Commerce application:

// .front-commerce.js
-  modules: [],
+  modules: ["./node_modules/front-commerce/modules/payment-payline-magento1"],
   serverModules: [
     { name: "FrontCommerceCore", path: "server/modules/front-commerce-core" },
-    { name: "Magento1", path: "server/modules/magento1" }
+    { name: "Magento1", path: "server/modules/magento1" },
+    {
+      name: "Payline",
+      path: "payment-payline-magento1/server/modules/payment-payline",
+    }
   webModules: [

Register the Payline payment component

  1. Override the file that lets you register additional payments forms in Front-Commerce
mkdir -p my-module/web/theme/modules/Checkout/Payment/AdditionalPaymentInformation/
cp -u node_modules/front-commerce/src/web/theme/modules/Checkout/Payment/AdditionalPaymentInformation/getAdditionalDataComponent.js my-module/web/theme/modules/Checkout/Payment/AdditionalPaymentInformation/getAdditionalDataComponent.js
  1. Register Payline
+import PaylineMagento1 from "./PaylineMagento1";

const ComponentMap = {
+  PaylineCPT: PaylineMagento1,

Update your CSPs

To allow loading Monext Online (Payline) related remote resources:

// my-module/config/website.js
  contentSecurityPolicy: {
    directives: {
-      scriptSrc: [],
-      frameSrc: [],
-      styleSrc: [],
-      imgSrc: [],
-      connectSrc: [],
-      fontSrc: [],
+      scriptSrc: [
+        "*",
+        "",
+      ],
+      frameSrc: ["*"],
+      styleSrc: ["*"],
+      imgSrc: [
+        "*",
+        "*",
+      ],
+      connectSrc: ["*"],
+      fontSrc: ["*", ""],
      baseUri: []

That’s it!

You can now configure the Magento extension to use the “HOMO” Environment and test the integration

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