BuyBox integration

This page contains information about the different ways you can accept payments with BuyBox in your Front-Commerce application.

Front-Commerce Payment

Since version 2.3.0

This section explains how to configure and customize the BuyBox Front-Commerce Payment module into an existing Front-Commerce application. The implementation use BuyBox’s API to initiate payments and redirect customers to BuyBox to proceed to the payment using their Gift Card.

Configure your environment

With API keys found on your BuyBox dashboard (sandbox).

// .env
+# BuyBox payment
+# API Keys from

Register the BuyBox payment module

In your Front-Commerce application:


// .front-commerce.js
-   modules: [],
+   modules: ["./node_modules/front-commerce/modules/payment-buybox"],
   serverModules: [
     { name: "FrontCommerceCore", path: "server/modules/front-commerce-core" },
-    { name: "Magento2", path: "server/modules/magento2" }
+    { name: "Magento2", path: "server/modules/magento2" },
+    { name: "BuyBox", path: "payment-buybox/server/modules/payment-buybox" }


BuyBox is not yet supported for Magento 1. Please contact us if you need this integration.

That’s it!

Restart your application and test your payments.

You can use the front-commerce:payment:buybox flag to DEBUG this integration and view the interactions with the payment API.

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